A Love Poem for Someone I Left, or

Photo by Zoya Hsiao

10 places I want to be with you—

sitting on the same massage chair, legs compressed by legs
no money to afford our own, but
in the 러브호텔 1
we can pretend

on the second floor
of a ramen shop
or Indian restaurant
shrouded in incense
or smoke from your cigarettes

on a stroll, seaside or
on a bike, tandem
on a mountain
in a car—hands
overlapping, fingers entwined
when not, 잠깐만2

in a kitchen, curry on the stovetop
fried chicken delivery (just in case)

one more journey
together, before I left
the ferry, you promised

battling aliens in outer space
dancing on the moon
like in your dreams

beneath a pine tree
다음 생에4
where I’ll fall asleep again
in the shade of you

in a plane, not an airport
not even the shuttle bus to the airport

not even

in love

four years ago
four years from now

Maggie Deagon was a 2016 – 2017 ETA at Jeju Jungang Girls High School in Jeju City. When she is not writing poems about lost love, she is chronicling her wandering food adventures at femalegraze.food.blog.


  1. 러브호텔: Love hotel, a short-stay hotel
  2. 잠깐만: Just a moment
  3. 대마도: Daemado, the Korean name for Tsushima Island off the coast of Japan
  4. 다음 생에: In our next life