2018–19 Blogroll

Many Fulbrighters are documenting their grant years by writing on personal blogs and posting on Instagram. Check ’em out!

(Please bear in mind that the pages linked below are maintained by current Fulbright Korea grantees and may not represent the views of Infusion or the Korean American Educational Commission.)

Personal websites and blogs

Dances With Daffodils

dances with daffodils

Clarque Brown, ETA 2017–19

Read about my life as a Fulbright English teacher in South Korea.

Learning a New Hand: My Fulbright Journey in South Korea

Joshua Lovett, ETA 2018–19

This blog portrays my experiences a teacher and cultural ambassador in Korea. I discuss teaching, living, and traveling in Korea.

Newsflash: This Just-in

Justin Abbott, ETA 2018–19

My blog is a platform to share some of the major experiences I’ve had in Korea. Most of my content is casual, but I will occasionally delve into more introspective pieces when the mood is right.

Kristy in Korea

Kristy Sonberg, ETA 2018–19

A collection of stories and adventures around Korea during my grant year.

Save Our Toya

La Toya Crittenden, ETA 2018–19

Trying to make sense of the world in my own way. It’s about honesty, humor, and being willing to try new things during my grant year. I talk about the realities of being an EETA at my school.

Here, There, Over There

Here, There, Over There

Lauren Lin, ETA 2018–19

A place to document the moments, people, trips, and food I’ll want to remember when this year is but a distant memory.

Pastel Tofus

Pastel Tofus

Louise Zhou, ETA 2018–19

Love from Ochang, Korea. A nice small neighborhood with cute stray cats, two Starbucks cafés, and a fancy pond. 👌😎🥂

Hello :)

Illusion Slopes

Max Kapur, ETA 2018–19

I write a lot about language learning, a little about literature, and too much about spreadsheeting.

Annyeong Y’all

Zachary Horne, ETA 2016–19