Letter from the Executive Director

Jai Ok Shim, Executive Director of Fulbright Korea
Dear Readers,

It is my distinct honor and pride to present Volume 10, Issue 1 of The Fulbright Korea Infusion. I am impressed with how the magazine continues to shape its identity, from its humble origins in 2008 as an annual feature to its present form as a biannual publication with a multifaceted online platform. Grantees and alumni have developed this production in order to share about the Fulbright experience in South Korea and beyond. I would like to extend my thanks to the Infusion staff as they have worked tirelessly to create this beautifully reflective and poignant issue.

Over the past 10 volumes, I have witnessed the publication grow to include the voices of current grantees, alumni and now even Korean students through Open Window. It is delightful to see how Infusion furthers Senator Fulbright’s mission of increasing mutual understanding by creating space for various voices from both nations. It is my hope that Volume 10, while only a brief glimpse into each contributor’s life, will paint a textured picture for readers about life in South Korea and the States.

The Korean-American Educational Commission was established under a binational agreement in 1950. Now, boasting a community of over 5,000 Korean and American alumni, the commission is more than proud of our grantees’ accomplishments, the impacts of which can be felt in both countries. As with every issue of Infusion, I hope we can each take away something to further this legacy of exchange.

Warmest Regards,




Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission