Blog Posts I Didn’t Write

  1. On Kimchi: Brushing My Teeth After Every Meal
  2. HanCOOL: In Celebration of Recognizing the ‘Bathroom’ Sign
  3. The Designated Tambourine Shaker: Noraebang Nights
  4. Making My Parents Proud: So-Mek Magic Tricks
  5. Writing my Will: Coming to Terms with the Daily Bus Commute
  6. Roses Are Red, Your Poodle Is Blue
  7. Naked and Afraid: The Jimjilbang Diaries
  8. Anne Hathaway + Elsa + Emma Watson = Teacher: My Students’ Love-Child Fantasies
  9. Joking or Fighting? The Host Family Mystery
  10. My Students Are Throwing Things Out of the Windows But My Co-Teacher is Chill With It So I Guess I’m Chill With It Too
  11. Drenched: My Umbrella Betrays Me
  12. Where Should I Put This Cup? And Other Trash Adventures
  13. Shush Yourself Before You Buckle Yourself: Nunchi Maintenance on Public Transportation
  14. An Ode to Naver: The Real Lifesaver
  15. I Found A Unicorn: Female Taxi Drivers in Korea
  16. I Wore My School Slippers Home Again, or, Monday
  17. Cultural Ambassadorship: Static Cling and Blushing Boys
  18. Crying in the Bathroom: My School Blocked Wi-Fi Access
  19. A Crushing Critique: “You Take Bad Selfies, Teacher”
  20. Apologies to my Mom, Aunt Shirley, and that Boy Who Liked Me in 8th Grade: Sorry for the Failed Attempt at Blogging; I Was Having Too Much Fun

Allana Wooley is a 2015-2016 ETA at Masan Girls’ High School in Masan, Gyeongsangnam-do.