Below are a list of websites of current ETAs, Junior Researchers, and Senior Scholars. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the content of these blogs, please contact the owner of the website. Infusion is not responsible for the content expressed on the individual websites. Thank you!

Elizabeth Beavers, ETA ’16-’18

Sarah Coldiron, ETA ’17-’18
Miss Coldiron in South Korea

Holly Hoang, ETA ’17-’18
Reimagined Foreigner

Erin Hutchinson, ETA ’17-’18
Erin Hutch’s Adventures

Soo Young Hwang-Carlos, ETA ’17-’18
Miriam / Soo Young

Isabel Moua, ETA ’17-’18
Tour, Eat, Love: Isabel Teacher’s Adventures

Paavani Reddy, ETA ’17-’18
Land of Morning Calm

Nathan Stables, ETA ’17-’18

Paige Whitney, ETA ’17-’18
The Ramblings of a Fulbright ETA