Cafe Burano (Seoul)

Review by Tiffany Chu, ETA ’15-’16

City: Seoul

Restaurant Name: Cafe Burano

Foods Served: Cafe, brunch

Restaurant Address: 마포구 동교동 201-16 (201-16 Donggyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea)

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Subway: Hongik University station, exit 1. Turn right out of the station, when you come to a large street two blocks in cross and turn left and then turn right at the first street. Cafe Burano will be on your right.

Cost: 8,000-14,000 won

Café Burano is a cozy eatery situated on a quiet street in Hongdae far from the noise of the main shopping area. I visited here for the first time on a Saturday around noon time, and the wait time was about 15-20 minutes without a reservation. The restaurant has a warm glow to it and a decidedly western feel. They offer a good selection of baked goods by the cash register and tables ranging in size and shape. The restaurant has a very lived-in feel — it’s clean but not pristine. They also have basic two-stalled bathrooms. After being seated, you will decide your order and at the table before placing it at the counter. My Korean friend ordered for us, and I never spoke with any of the servers, so I cannot speak to the wait staff’s English ability. After about 10-15 minutes, my club sandwich, and my friend’s pancake brunch arrived at the same time. The brunch options (pancake, waffle, french toast) were the most commonly ordered around those around us — take note that the portion size of these plates are quite large. My friend thought the pancake brunch was pretty good. The potatoes were nicely crisp, but the overall flavors of the plate weren’t anything special. I could same the same for my club sandwich. It came with a lot of lettuce, american cheese, onions, tomatoes, sweet pickles, two slices of bacon, and too much mayonnaise for my preferences. It certainly was not a bad meal, and I wouldn’t be averse to visiting again, but I don’t think I’ll be craving their food anytime soon.