Cafe Mug

Review by Mo Kinsinger, ETA ’15-’16

City: Mokpo

Restaurant Name: Cafe Mug

Foods Served: Coffee, smoothies, baked goods

Restaurant Address: 1001-3 Sinheung-dong, Mokpo

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Directions:  Go to the main square in the center of Rose Street in Hadang. There is a little, man-made lake there with benches, little bridges and a gazebo. In the most north-east corner of this little square, you will see Cafe Mug on the second floor of a dark, new-looking building.

There are many cute cafes on Rose Street. That is kind of what Rose Street is famous for. But Cafe Mug stands out, and has turned into a main meeting point for our Mokpo ETA crowd this year. The central location, atmosphere (comfy, old-timey decorations, magazines, and a heated outdoor sitting area), the drinks (really good lattes and yummy smoothies), the fast wifi, and the personable baristas (some of whom are pretty attractive…) have made many of us regulars at this place.  If you are wandering Rose Street looking for a place to lesson plan, chat with a friend, or just escae the cold/heat, among the many possible cafes in the area I  recommend Cafe Mug.