Photo of the Month: May 2014

The Fulbright Infusion’s monthly photo contest is a fun way to allow our community to share snapshots of their experiences in South Korea and beyond. March marks the beginning of a new school year, and thus “Back to School” is this month’s theme. This months’ winning photo, by Helen Li (ETA ’13-’14), shows some of Helen’s high school students performing “Let it Go” at their school’s opening ceremony. … Continue ReadingPhoto of the Month: May 2014


South Korea is a miracle of modern urbanity, emerging from the shambles of the Korean War to become one of the most developed countries in the world today. Alongside glistening skyscrapers and high-rise apartments, the streets of Korea also offer small marvels: food carts, murals, a hidden door. This gallery documents the Fulbrighter experience with cityscapes, from everyday sights to views from afar. … Continue ReadingUrbanity

Cultural Landscapes of Korea

The World Heritage Committee describes a “cultural landscape” as a particular interaction between man and nature that is “illustrative of the evolution of human society and settlement over time.” These photos reveal the variety of cultural landscapes that can be found in Korea, from frenetic cityscapes to the calm remoteness of a Buddhist temple. … Continue ReadingCultural Landscapes of Korea