City Guide Review: Chef Yun’s Meat House (Gumi)

Review by Kristen O’Brien, ETA 2014-2015

City: Gumi (구미)

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Directions:  In Gumi the only public transportation available is by car, taxi, or public bus. If you take a public bus, get off at the bus stop “차병원앞정류장 하차.” The restaurant is a two minute walk from there.

Chef Yun’s Meat House is a cheap and inexpensive Korean BBQ restaurant located in Gumi. The meat is very cheap, and the presentation of the meals is beautiful. The restaurant is clean and has very simple decor, with a variety of round and square tables.

I usually order ohgyupsal (similar to samgyupsal, but with 5 layers instead of 3). It comes with plenty of side dishes, and my favorite is their salad. It has a fruity sauce, and tastes super fresh.

The restaurant also serves various soups (which is usually eaten after BBQ). The meat is fairly priced and this restaurant is really popular with Gumi natives. Whenever my co-teachers and I are craving Korean BBQ, we go here. The BBQ here is delicious! A must try!