Dala Chocolate Cafe

Review by Monica Heilman, ETA 2014-2016

City: Busan

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The dessert cafe is located near Seomyeon, in the Jeonpo cafe street. From Seomyeon station, take exit 8 and walk straight. When you see NC mall (to the left), cross the intersection to get there. Walk past the entrance to the mall and past the arts and crafts market (sometimes closed during off-hours). At the end of the market, there will be a sign on the corner that says Jeonpo Cafe Street. Turn left at this sign, passing a school on your left. After this block, the cafe street will be straight ahead. Dala will be on the left. From Jeonpo station, leave out of exit 7 and go straight for two blocks. Turn left – the street has a slight downward slope, and the cafe will be on your right. The cafe is bright pink.

Price: 12,000 for their famous binsu; drinks range from 4,000-7,000

Three words. Dinosaur Egg Bingsu.

In case this isn’t enough convince you, I’ll expound upon the reasons for this dessert’s rapid ascent to fame. Dala has recently become popular for a specialized bingsu that reminds you that adults can like dinosaurs too. The Dinosaur Egg Bingsu has all the staples of a chocolate bingsu – ice, milk, chocolate shavings, some sort of chocolatey cereal confection, and chocolate syrup. Yet what tops it all (haha) is a huge, hollow, white chocolate shell: the dinosaur egg. Customers are provided with a meat tenderizer with which to smash their speckled egg into bite-sized pieces, but be careful! Inside the egg is a perfect chocolate dinosaur, eagerly awaiting your admiration and camera flash. I’m pleased to report though, that this dessert is not only photogenic, but thoroughly delicious. Any chocolate bingsu lover will be pleased. Once you’ve prepared yourself to visit Dala, there are a few things to know about the space. First, it’s beautiful. Second, with its bright pink exterior it’s easy to find. Third – the thing you actually need to know – is that it’s small. The cafe sits no more than 18 people – unless you’re squeezing together in a booth or there are some extra chairs I didn’t notice. Because the cafe is small, the owners request that you buy one item per person – bingsu counts as a 2-person item, so if you’re a party of 3 going for the bingsu, be prepared to consume another chocolatey drink or dessert on the side. My group opted for a hot chocolate, which came with a delightful chocolate spoon. If you’re looking to take your Korean cafe experience to the next level, Dala is the place for you.