City Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

Photos and Review by Isaac Fisher, ETA ’13-14

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City: Daegu (대구)
Restaurant Name: Dolce Freddo (돌체 프레도)
Food Served: Dessert (Gelato/coffee)
Restaurant address: Multiple locations; this review is for the location near Daegu Bank Station. 1186-79 Suseong-4-ga-dong (2285 Dalgubeol-daero), Daegu / 대구시 수성구 수성4가동 1186-79

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Directions: From Daegu Bank Station on the 2 line: Walk out of exit 2 and head straight for two blocks towards downtown. The restaurant is on the right hand side (facing downtown), next to the bus stop.
Cost: Single scoop: 3000 won. 2 Flavors: 4,100. 3 Flavors 5,300. / Take home sizes: Small: 6,300 Medium: 10,500 Large: 13,700. / Americano: 3,000 won (300 won extra for iced)
Payment: Cash or credit card

Dolce Freddo is a cute little ice cream shop that sits at a conspicuous corner near Daegu Bank Station. The shop is part of a local franchise of gelato shops with the original located near Kyungpook University. This particular location opened last August. Dolce Freddo is the brainchild of a Korean chef who wanted to bring Italian desserts to Daegu. Gelato is homemade on site, using an authentic Italian gelato making machine.

The store hours are from 10am-11pm every day.

Most customers walk in, get their ice cream and then head out shortly after eating. But, Dolce Freddo can be a good place to hang out. It’s quiet, well lit, and has wi-fi, making it a good place for posting up and getting work done. The shop features outdoor and indoor seating.

They feature 18 flavors, all of which are freshly prepared on site. Their fruit flavors use real fruit in the mix. The flavors are simple and pure, and you can taste each of the ingredients contribute to the larger whole of the flavor with each spoonful. Fresh and simple ingredients cannot be understated in an era where ice cream often features many artificial additives, colors, and preservatives. Dolce Freddo also features many dishes to accompany their ice-cream. You can get it Affogato or alongside a waffle, and many other ways as well.

Specific recommendations: Ask to try all of the flavors. The staff will let you and encourage combinations for you to try before you buy. I recommend getting small sizes as the gelato can be pretty filling. The flow is steady but slow, so any time you get the hankering for ice cream you should go! My favorite flavors are Variegato Amarena (Cherry) and Fior Di Latte.

Atmosphere (Out of 5)
4- This particular location is smaller than the other ones, and thus the atmosphere is both quiet and friendly. The place is also very well lit, which makes it a relaxing afternoon location to sit and hang out with a friend or get some work done.

Service (Out of 5)
5- Service is fantastic. How many ice cream shops encourage you to try every flavor before you choose? Furthermore, the staff will make recommendations of good flavor combinations for you to taste test.

Food (Out of 5)
5- For me, the mark of a truly good ice cream is one in which you can appreciate each of its ingredients contributing to the greater whole of the ice cream flavor. Dolce Freddo’s gelato succeeds in this, while keeping flavors simple. It’s fun to mix and match flavors when you order!

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