City Guide Review: Greenhouse (Changwon)

Andrew Cheng, ETA 2012 – 2014
greenhouse 1
City: Changwon
Restaurant Name: Greenhouse (그린하우스)
paninis, pizza, hamburgers, salads, soups, bakery
창원시 의창구 도계동 406-5 / 406-5 Dogye-dong Uichang-gu Changwon-si
Take buses 10-14, 30-32, 34-35, 100, 102, 105, 122, 155, 213, 505, 703, 710, 751-752, 757, or 800 to Dogye Gas Station (도계주유소), the large red SK gas station. (There is a Nubija terminal opposite the station, by the computer store.) With the gas station on your left, walk east (away from the school and the sports center) one block and you will see Greenhouse (그린하우스) on your right. It’s a giant four-story house; you can’t miss it. Parking available.
Greenhouse, the prized cafe and bakery of northern Changwon, is not only my preferred place for whole wheat loaves and baguettes, but it is also the perfect spot for brunch. Located in a quieter neighborhood, with little noise but lots of light, the second-floor cafe of this charming establishment is almost — as its name suggests — a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and grow. And eat. On a weekday around noon, the cafe’s atmosphere is quiet and cozy, even though it is very spacious.
Service was a bit slow, but the food was well worth the wait. My friend and I ordered paninis — mine was the specialty mozzarella panini (모짜렐라 파니니, 7800KRW) — and they were pretty, melty, savory, and paired perfectly with a side salad and the soup of the day. I also splurged on a blueberry latte (블루베리 라떼, 4500KRW). which was almost too sweet for me but bursting with flavor. With one buck knocked off for some kind of brunch special, my total came out to 12,800KRW. I probably could have gotten another panini after that, but instead I chose to go downstairs and munch on some bread from the bakery. (They provide free samples!)

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