City Guide Review: Gusttimo (Itaewon)

Review by Karen Han, manager of Gusttimo (Itaewon)

City: Itaewon, Seoul (이태원, 서울)

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Directions: It is just outside of the exit 3, Itaewon station and next to the kebab shop. Opposite of the Hamilton Hotel.

How was the wait time? Did you make a reservation?
There is no wait time unless it is the weekend. It will not take that long as it is cafe serving coffee or gelato.

Was the restaurant clean? How were bathroom amenities?
The Gelato shop just opened in April 2015, so it is really clean and posh atmosphere. At the same time, it is small, but cozy~

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How was the service? Did wait staff speak English?
Service, they have special education on service and how to work at the Gelato shop/cafe, they have some of the staff good at speaking English and Chinese. Also, great at English.

What did you order? Are there any “specialities” that the reader should be sure to try? How long did it take for the food to come out? Gelato-specializing cafe, also coffee is always there.


How was the food? Was there a particular dish that stood out, or was disappointing?
They have traditional Italian style Gelato and it is healthy and various types of gelato are available.They make the gelato fresh every day.

Would you come back again? Why or why not?
I would love to come back again, and try different flavors!