Moonlic Cafe (Hwacheon)

Photos and review by Susan Skaza, ETA ’15-’17

City: Hwacheon (화천)

Café Name: Moonlic Cafe


강원도, 화천군, 화천읍,상승로 3길

(Sangseung-ro 3 gil, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do)

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Food Served: Coffee, Tea, Small Bakery Items

Cost: About 4,000 – 5,000 won per drink


Starting at the entrance of 김밥천국 (at the corner of the intersection of Hwacheon’s main street (중앙로) and 상승로, turn left and head straight down 상승로 until you reach 상승로 3길. At the corner of 상승로 and 상승로 3길 there will be a bike store, and another bike store, called “Peace Bike”, across the street. Turn left onto 상승로 3길. Moonlic should be on your left a few paces down the street. (It’s on the same street as the Hwacheon Technical High School and library.)


This is perhaps my favorite cafe in Hwacheon. It’s slightly nestled away from the crowds on the main street during the Festival, and provides a comfortable atmosphere to relax with friends. During the summer it’s also a nice cafe to visit because it offers a picnic table and swing, so guests can enjoy their drinks while soaking in the sunlight. The service is quick and friendly, and they almost always provide small complimentary cookies, usually spritz or biscotti, with every drink. If you’re a chocoholic like me and are looking for a decadent chocolate drink, I highly recommend their Dark Chocolate Latte. It’s very rich, so if you’re not a chocolate person you might want to steer clear. While their selection of beverages may not be large, their options are varied and occasionally unique, so everyone can find something to enjoy. I have yet to try something I haven’t liked. Additionally, if you’d like an extra sweet, they frequently sell macaroons – made by the cafe owners – and while I may not be a macaroon person, they were definitely the best macaroons I’d ever had. (Assuming I uploaded the files correctly, the pictures below show the exterior of the cafe, and a strawberry smoothie with complimentary biscotti.)