City Guide Review: Noodle Tree

Review by Emmy Mildenberg, ETA 2014-2015

City: Seogwipo, Jeju-do (서귀포, 제주도)

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Directions: In Seogwipo the only public transportation available is by car, taxi, or public bus. If you take a public bus, get off at the bus stop biseokeori on the 780 or Dream Sky Apartment on the 6. The restaurant is a five-ten minute walk from there in downtown Donghong-dong

The Noodle Tree is not your typical Korean restaurant. Located in the mostly residential neighborhood of Donghongdong, Noodle Tree is a beacon of delicious noodles amidst a sea of convenience stores and gimbap restaurants. It appears to be a rather new restaurant, as it stands out in how bright and warm the inside appears.

The fare is decidedly Japanese, although it does offer a small menu of more “typical Korean” options such as mandu soup and dukkguk. The main portion of the menu contains various different noodle dishes followed by several variations on donkatsu.

Every time I go to this restaurant I end up calling my friends who live in the neighborhood to see if they would like some of my soup. I am unable to finish my noodles because they give you so many and noodles aren’t good for takeout (or so my host mother claims). My suggestion would be to this restaurant with at least one other person and split a bowl of noodles. The donkatsu is the same size as many other places, but it pales in comparison to the amount of food contained in one of their bowls of noodles. If you’re in neighborhood, be sure to give Noodle Tree a try! Also, Noodle Tree is a chain, so be on the lookout for this restaurant in your neck of the woods.