City Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

Photos and Review by Monica Swei, ETA ’12-14

City: Busan (부산)
Restaurant Name: Panini Sikdang (빠니니식당)
Food Served: Paninis, juice and tea
Restaurant address: 부산광역시 부산진구 전포동 684-4 / 684-4 Jeonpo-dong Busanjin-gu Busan

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Directions: From Seomyeon subway station come out of Exit 2 (right at the beginning of the underground mall), walk straight until the Olive Young/Twosome Place on your left, around 7 minutes. Go straight down until the end of the street, cross the intersection and continue going straight for around 7 minutes on “Cafe Street” (notice the coffee shaped streetlights). After crossing the intersection and going straight for about 3 mins, the restaurant should be on your right.
Cost: Sandwiches ~8,000W, Drinks ~4,000W
Payment: Cash or credit card

The menu at Panini Sikdang.

The aptly named Panini Sikdang (“sikdang” means “restaurant” in Korean) is a cozy little panini place tucked into “Cafe Street” in the Seomyeon area of Busan. The cafe is small with a very retro and relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes mozzarella tomato, pork ham cheese, and beef pastrami paninis, among others. All the paninis are excellent. My friend ordered the honey camembert cheese panini, while I settled for a glass of hot tea. Besides paninis and tea, the restaurant also serves up smoothies and fresh juice made to order.

The honey camembert cheese panini.