City Guide Review: Sinae Sikdang (Gwangyang-eup)

Photos and Review by Hillary Veitch, ETA 2014-2015


City: Gwangyang-eup (광양읍)
 (시내 식당)



Directions: Walk along Gwangyang Bulgogi Street in downtown Gwangyang-eup. There will be a large sign that says “시내 식당”
₩15,000 – ₩50,000



Gwangyang is known for its bulgogi, thus dedicating an entire street of restaurants to serve this grilled, sweet, marinated beef.  This restaurant has been open since 1955, and has several floors with an indoor playground for children. It was quite busy on a Saturday evening. We were directed to the second floor, and while we climbed up the stairs, we admired a couple of African-looking art work. The big dining room has a Western-feel, but only offered Korean-style seating.


Gwangyang bulgogi (광양불고기) is famous because it is grilled with charcoal and not “pan fried.” The meat was tender and had a slight sweet taste of the marinade.


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If you are still hungry after all the meat, you can complete your meal by ordering rice with kimchi Jigae (kimchi stew) at 1,000 KRW or noodles. I ordered the cold noodles (4,000 KRW), while my co-worker ordered the rice. Both were very tasty, but I especially liked their kimchi jigae. We were not able to finish this entirely, but it was good to have some starch after so much meat. Finally, we were served a sweet persimmon drink to finish off our meal.


I would love to eat this more often, but I will try a different restaurant. Sinae Sikdang 시내식당 is more for those who would like to eat this traditional dish with Westernized side dishes. I will give their neighbors a try next time.