Reviews by Province

Looking to find the perfect hole-in-the-wall brunch spot for your next intercity trip? On this page, you’ll find City Guide reviews written by Fulbright grantees in every region of Korea. The provinces are ordered west to east, north to south. Below each province name, individual establishments are organized by city.

Happy traveling!

Gyeonggi Province


burger bBurger B     Western / Burgers

burano-1038x576Cafe Burano     Cafe / Brunch

D Queens 1D Queens     Western /  Brunch, Italian

Fell+ColeFell+Cole     Cafe / Dessert, ice cream

flying panThe Flying Pan     Western / Brunch, sandwiches, pancakes, & dessert

grill5Grill5Taco      Mexican / Affordable Mexican fare with fusion influence

GustimuttoGusttimo       Cafe / Gelato, Dessert, Coffee

Honey Bowl     Western / Brunch

Limburg WaffleLimburg Waffle      Dessert  / Waffles

Mies ContainerMies Container     Western / Spoon pizza, spaghetti salad and BBQ platters

2013-02-02-12-46-44-768x1024Myeongdong Gyoja     Korean / Kalguksu, dumplings


Tamarind     Vietnamese / Pho, green curry soup, course meals, banh mi

img_0496-1024x768The Original Pancake House     Brunch / Pancakes, waffles, omelettes

phona-thai-2-1038x576Pho’na Thai     Thai / Noodles, etc.

tomatilloTomatillo Grill     Mexican / Tex-mex, Drinks

img_9702-1024x682Vatos Urban Tacos     Mexican / Mexican, Drinks

wine-house-1-576x1024The Wine House     Store / Liqueur, Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey, Wine

p1050145Yaetmat Seoul Bulgogi     Korean / Bulgogi

Gangwon Province


Nam-chuncheon Dakgalbi     Korean / Dakgalbi


Moonlic Cafe     Cafe /Coffee, Tea, Small Bakery Items

North Chungcheong Province


Monopot     Cafe / Coffee, teas, smoothies, dessert

Cafe Block     Cafe / Coffees, teas, dessert


South Chungcheong Province


Cafe Gilssalong     Wine bar / Wine, cocktails

Mount Fishtail     Indian / Curry, naan

Nuance Art Caffe     Cafe / Coffee, tea, desserts


Buns-n-Stuff     Western / Burgers, milkshakes

Eat Me Pizzeria     Western / Pizza, pasta

Goong-joong Samgyetang     Korean / Samgyetang (chicken soup), shabu

House Grill     Western / Burgers, sandwiches



Indy     Indian / Curry, naan

Moru     Brunch / Omelettes, eggs benedict, French toast

North Gyeongsang Province


Do You Like?     Italian / Paninis, pizza, hamburgers, bakery
Greenhouse     Cafe / Paninis, pizza, hamburgers, bakery


Cafe Slow Life in Garden     Cafe / Coffee, tea, sandwiches, dessert

Dolce Freddo     Cafe / Dessert, gelato

Geumgok Samgyetang     Korean / Samgyetang (chicken soup)

The Lazy Diner     Western / Burgers, salads, pasta

Moga Cafe     Cafe / Coffee, dessert

Poom     Western / Fusion-style pasta, pizza and risottos


Cattle & Bee     Cafe / Coffee,  ice cream, honey

Fall in Coffee     Cafe / Coffee, wine, dessert

Shabu Maxim     Japanese / Shabu Shabu


Chef Yun’s Meat House    Korean / BBQ, meat

One Place (원플레이스)    Western / Italian


CookAND     Western / Italian

Venzamas     Cafe / Coffee, Bingsu, Cheesecake


Chongwon Restaurant     Korean / Vintage Korean diner food

North Jeolla Province


Veteran (베테랑)     Korean / Kalguksu, jjolmyeon and mandu

South Gyeongsang Province


Bricks Coffee      Cafe / Tea, juice, sandwiches

Cafe Tokyoloose     Cafe / Dessert, cake, tarts

Coffee Namoo     Cafe / Coffee, drinks, dessert

Dala Chocolate Cafe     Cafe / Dessert, dinosaur egg bingsu

Doogie Board Game Cafe     Cafe / Board games

Dragon Dream     Western / Bar food, drinks

Hands Coffee     Cafe / Specialty coffee and desserts

Panini Sikdang     Western / Panini and smoothies

Pizza Sol     Western / Pizza

Sharky’s Bar and Grill     Western / Bar and grill

Sulbing     Cafe / Dessert, bingsoo


South Jeolla Province


Song-joong Tteokgalbi     Korean / BBQ, meat


Sinae Sikdang    Korean / BBQ, meat, bulgogi


Cafe Mug     Cafe / Coffee, tea, smoothies

Curry Story     Indian / Curry

Yudalsan Chawoorin    Cafe / Tea, traditional Korean snacks


Ddeokbokki Plus     Korean / Ddeokbokki buffet 

Jeju Island

7th Heaven     Cafe /  coffee, juices, sandwiches, breakfast foods

Cafe Mayb     Cafe / Coffee, Cocktails, Snacks

Cafe Sunbike     Cafe / coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, burritos

Chocoart     Cafe / Dessert, chocolate

Noodle Tree     Korean / Noodles, donkatsu

With us, Travel     Western / Brunch