Curry Story (커리 스토리)

Review by Mo Kinsinger, ETA ’15-’16

City: Mokpo

Restaurant Name: Curry Story (커리 스토리)

Foods Served: Indian

Restaurant Address: 18 Bipa-ro 43 beon-gil, Mokpo

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Price: 10,000 won +

Directions:  Start at the most east, central entrance gate to Rose Street. Walk one block down Rose Street (south-west), and turn left. Walk one block. on the left corner of the intersection, one the second story above a Ministop, is the restaurant.

Mokpo is a splendid place to live. And I have very, very few complaints. In fact, the only one I can really think of is the difficulty in finding good foreign food restaurants; we all know they are out there, lurking, hiding in the outskirts of 남악 or in the winding back alleys of 시내,  and when we find  one we cling to it like a cherished bottle of Dr. Pepper or the last piece of real, Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  That is why me and my Mokpo buds have returned to Curry Story, probably at least five times in the last couple months. The location is great–just off of the popular Rose Street with its cute coffee shops and boutiques.

Curry Story’s atmosphere is colorful, cushioned and comfortable. The place is rarely crowded, and played cheesy Indian music videos which are always entertaining fillers to lulls in conversation. But the best part is the curry–spinach, chicken, plain… it is all delicious. The curry is not very spicy, but definitely authentic–Indian, not Japanese-style. You can eat the curry with rice, but I recommend the garlic nan, which comes warm, buttery, crispy, and as big as two dinner plates.  The chicken is also very good. And the mango smoothies are worth trying as well. There is free coffee and candies as you leave.

The waitstaff is kind and helpful. I mean, they keep tolerating our big groups of foreigners when we show up on a regular basis.  All in all, this is one of our favorite “spots” in Mokpo.