Min Gyu Bae, Sangsan High School
Jeonju, Jeollabukdo

The street we used to stroll along,
Those seasons we spent together,
the lavender weather.
I believed they would last forever.
For ever.

Those places,
fade out
like the footprints
we stamped on white velvet.

Your eyes,
glowing moonlight,
and the mild wind
that embraced my bruised mind.
Things that I have to leave behind.

Sweetheart, you look weary.
Oh, Please don’t you cry.
That makes me worry.

my sweetheart,
I want to wipe out your tears
but it’s time to say goodbye.

Later when you miss me,
just look at the azure sky.
I’ll be waiting for you
For ever.

Now that I hear your voice,
I can rest in peace.
Submitted by Cait Cronin, ETA ’13-’15

In Cait’s words, “I think the work really speaks for itself— it paints a melancholy picture with very powerful imagery that leaves the reader simultaneously feeling a sense of closure and yet still yearning for answers. The poem is truly haunting, and uses some language that (at least in my opinion) would frankly be impressive if written by a native speaker.”