From Jennifer Tang and Evan Ho

If it wasn’t for Mrs. Shim, I wouldn’t be where I am today, married to my husband, Evan Ho, with our 2 children. When we were on the Fulbright Grant in 2005, we filled out those request forms for where we’d want to be placed. But she knew better and maybe saw the bigger picture, than what we were requesting. I had wanted to be placed in Busan, but instead, she placed me in Naju, but then I could be close by to Evan, who was in Gwangju. From being nearby, our relationship flourished.

Evan’s sister Roxana Han (formerly Ho) was also a Fulbright Korea ETA in Gwangju. She placed him there and the rest is history. We are so grateful to Mrs. Shim and the extremely positive Fulbright ETA experience we both had.

With happy memories,

Jennifer Tang & Evan Ho
Fulbright Korea ETA 2005-06