From the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to introduce to you Volume 12, Issue 2 of Fulbright Korea’s Infusion literary magazine. In tandem with Volume 12, Issue 1, this second issue of Infusion represents the sincere expressions of Fulbright grantees, both past and present, as they explore opportunities, overcome challenges, and engage in honest, open reflection concerning both themselves and their surroundings. With the program year coming to an end, this second issue of Infusion also fittingly provides an occasion for us to stop and ponder once again all that has been achieved and all that is yet to be achieved whether in the U.S., Korea, or elsewhere.

The literary and artistic achievements represented in this issue are just one facet of all that Fulbright grantees have accomplished during the past year. Whether lecturing, teaching English, conducting research, or completing graduate studies, Fulbright grantees worldwide have been making an impact in their own communities and around the globe for over 70 years now. The Fulbright Program in Korea will reach its own 70th anniversary shortly. As we draw nearer to the closing of one decade, and the opening of another, let us draw strength from how far we have come while recommitting to the pursuit of a future in which mutual understanding and cooperation will ever grow in strength.

Important to this future are the voices of students, and I am pleased to have among the excellent work highlighted in this issue pieces by not only Fulbright grantees but also their students. Established in 2014, Open Window displays the creative talents and English skills of Korean students taught by grantees in the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program. As I consider the student work showcased in this issue, I am doubly proud of both the students for their hard work and dedication, and of the teachers for their encouragement and belief in their students.

Giving a voice to the gifted students and grantees featured in this issue are the dedicated Infusion staff, who put much thought, time, and energy into producing such an insightful and enjoyable issue. To them, and the many authors, artists, and photographers who gave of their talents, I extend my sincere thanks and congratulations. May we all find new inspiration for the future as we contemplate the stories and images shared within these pages of Infusion.

Warmest Regards,

Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission