From the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

It is an honor to once again present to you the latest edition of Fulbright Korea’s Infusion literary magazine. As in publications past, the stories, photos, and artwork presented in Volume 12, Issue 1 paint a picture of the Korean peninsula as experienced through the eyes, hearts, and minds of the many accomplished Fulbright grantees and alumni who make up the Fulbright Korea community. It is with pride and gratitude that I consider the over 5,000 active grantees and alumni that have grown to create this community over the course of Fulbright Korea’s nearly 70-year history. Flipping through the pages of Infusion, I am reminded of countless stories from across the years as I see reflected on each page both the newness of today and the accumulated experience of the past.

Since the publication of its first volume in 2008, Infusion has served as a space of sharing and reflection on the Fulbright experience in Korea and the countless, diverse ways in which this experience has been felt. Although each grantee’s Fulbright experience is unique, underlying these varied experiences is a common commitment: a commitment to promoting international cooperation, mutual understanding, and compassion through academic and cultural exchange. These values, so vital to the Fulbright program since its inception, have been manifested through the efforts and contributions of so many Fulbright grantees worldwide. As you enjoy reading through this issue of Infusion, I invite you to take a moment to ponder not only the visual and written work presented within, but also the greater goals, challenges, and accomplishments these pieces represent.

With that in mind, I would like to conclude by expressing my heartfelt thanks to the authors, artists, and photographers whose talented work is highlighted in the current issue as well as to the Infusion staff who strove diligently and enthusiastically to create yet another successful edition. From the culmination of their efforts, I hope you will find both enjoyment and fresh insight as you are cordially welcomed into their lives through this issue of Infusion.

Warmest Regards,

Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission