Hands Coffee (Busan)

Review by Breanna Durham, ETA ’15-’16

City: Busan

Restaurant Name: Hands Coffee

Foods Served: Specialty coffee and desserts

Restaurant Address: 1 Millak-dong Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

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Once you get out of the Haeundae Station stop, walk until you get to the street opposite the beach. The shop should be on the right side before you cross the street.

Cost: 5,000 won +

Hands Coffee 2

It’s a two story coffee shop that has a classical style with wooden walls and old style lamps. The low lighting makes the atmosphere romantic, but you can still comfortably work in it. Decorative teacups and plates line up on shelves beside the ordering counter. A mix of soul, blues, r&b, and big band music filters through the shop. If you want privacy, an enclosed room awaits you on the second floor- no smoking too. The floors were well swept. And at 3:34 pm on a Saturday, the shop didn’t have a large crowd, meaning a shorter wait time for whatever you get. As for your order, they serve specialty drip coffees. The staff knows a little English if you need it to order. I bought the Momora, an Ethiopian coffee. It came in a teacup accompanied by a sugar cube on a saucer. Sipping it, it felt soft and velvety. Even with the sugar cube, it retained a nice bitter taste to it, but wasn’t strong enough to need milk. No watery taste here. It had a tang to it. I enjoyed it.