I Think About

Student images and poems collected by Breanna Durham, ETA at Yongwon Middle School, Gyeonsangnam-do Province


Jin Su-Jin

I Think About - Jin Sujin

Jin Su-Jin– (I Think About Poem)

Yongwon Middle School

I think about love

because I like handsome men

I think about traveling

because I want to go to France

I think about spring

because spring is beautiful

I think about baseball

Because I like baseball players


About Sujin and her work: Sujin’s pieces show her determination to decide things on her own and produce her dreams by her hand. It also showcases her confidence. She’s a student that likes to joke and shock you with her writing. She pushes to express herself without holding back, even if it gets difficult to do. This is not something that all students do, but she makes those around her be bold too.


Lee Yana

I Think About - Lee Yana

Lee Yana – (I Think About Poem)

Yongwon Middle School

I think about eating fruits

because I like to eat delicious food

I think about having a good shape

because sports are very hard. So, I think people who have a good shape are training hard.


About Yana and her work: Yana is a second grader in Yongwon Middle School. She grew up in Russia. She was born there and lived there for 9 years. She still remembers doing Tae-Kwon Do in Russia. She thinks of it as being harder there than in Korea because she had to do intense training. She’s not doing Tae Kwon Do now, but said that she wants to do it again. That’s why she wants to train and get in shape. She likes to treat herself with eating the fruit that she loves. She also likes to think about puppies because they are cute. She had one, but had to give it away last year. This sometimes makes her sad. However, she remains a positive person that seeks to achieve new heights. In her imagination, she likes to think about flying like the magical girls she saw as a child. She wants to be amazing like them too.


Moon Ye Jin

I Think About - Moon Ye Jin

Moon Ye-Jin – (I Think About Poem)

Yongwon Middle School

I think about eating

because I want to eat egg tarts

I think about playing phone games

because when I play phone games, I am excited

I think about listening to music

because I feel good

I think about a handsome boy

Because my eyes feel good


About Yejin and her work: Yejin’s piece is a look at the simple pleasures and the emotions they bring. Yejin has said that she usually feels bored with her daily life, but doing things like playing games or eating her favorite foods breaks that pattern and offers moments of fun and happiness. Yejin typically has a relaxed and playful personality. She’s a social student who brings her bright attitude into our English class and in every project we do. Even if a project isn’t in her usual interests, she becomes passionate about it for that moment and makes it feel as if it has always been her passion.


Han Hyo Min

I Think About- Hyo Min

Han Hyo Min – (I Think About Poem)

Yongwon Middle School

I think about the universe

I think about freedom

I think about going home

I think about the next exam

About Hyo Min and his work: Hyomin is a soft spoken student who works diligently in class. His gentleness and thoughtfulness often carries over to how carefully he makes his projects. In these pieces, Hyomin compares something he loves to his daily life. He likes to study things concerning the universe. To him, it’s mysterious and exciting. Though he doesn’t have a telescope, he likes to search the internet for pictures of the stars. Even when he thinks about freedom, he compares it to the sky. He said freedom is like the color blue. To him, the color means feeling comfortable. Freedom is feeling comfortable. He said that he often doesn’t feel free with the exams he has to take and the studying he has to do. His poem and artwork bounce around the idea of freedom ultimately existing in the universe, yet feeling absent from daily life.