Instagram Fulbright Project

The following pictures are Instagram snapshots of the everyday lives of Fulbright Scholars in South Korea. Fulbright has created an unexpected community of Instagram photo bloggers who share with each other the diversity of their cherished experiences. This photo sharing phenomenon allows Fulbrighters and their respective communities to vicariously experience moments like a walk home or an adventure with their host family. Infusion welcomes you to enjoy filtered perspectives of the places, things, and people Fulbrighters love. For more Fulbright Korea photos, visit us at @fulbrightkoreainfusion.



Submitted by Deborah Ahn, David Allen, Hilary Bauer, Lizzie Behr, Sarah Carey, Gem Chema, Bridget Cho, Joanne Cho, Maggie Coyne, Ariel Giumarelli, Brian Heise, Katelyn Hemmeke, Sonia Kim, Susie Lee, Payal Patel, Nhu Phan, Elaine Townsend, Tyler Van Arsdale, Brian Watts, Ginger Whitesell, Jessica Zucker


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