Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

 I am proud to present Volume 10, Issue 2 of The Fulbright Korea Infusion. As the program year comes to a close, Infusion allows us time to reflect on our trials and accomplishments. This issue often works complementary to the first as an anthology of the unique yet shared experiences in the Fulbright Korea Program. Regardless of whether you currently live in Korea or not, you will likely discover a piece in which you can see yourself.

Now, as the magazine continues to grow, I hope we can all look to the future of not only this magazine, but also cross-cultural exchange between Korea and the United States. Several years from now, the written narratives and media showcased in this magazine will provide valuable glimpses into the histories and development of Korea from the vantage point of American Fulbright grantees who came from diverse backgrounds. Let us further this important dialogue on the unique relationship between Korea and the United States through this publication.

For now, please enjoy this well-produced issue, and let us appreciate the hands that came together to create it. Editors, writers, photographers, designers and several others have worked tirelessly to procure this magazine and I am proud of their exceptional work. I hope we can all take a minute from our busy schedules to reflect and learn from the contributors’ visual and written works.

 Thank you,

Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director of Fulbright Korea