Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Readers,I am honored to present Volume 11, Issue 1 of The Fulbright Korea Infusion. Since its founding in 2008, Infusion has represented the diverse voices and experiences of American Fulbright grantees, blazoning to an audience the depths of perspective which otherwise would only be appreciated by the authors, artists and photographers featured in each publication. Fulbright Korea’s rich history exists within the pages of Infusion, and I will always be grateful that the stories within will live on.

I would like to thank this year’s editorial staff for their hard work, as well as their dedication to ensure two issues of Volume 11 see the light of day. Due to budget constraints, the Korean-American
Educational Commission was only able to support the printing of one publication in Program Year 2017. However, because of the fundraising efforts initiated by Infusion leadership, Fulbright grantees will
have another opportunity to bring their experiences to literary fruition.

Lastly, I extend my immense gratitude to the Fulbright Korea community for their continued support throughout the years. From parents to faculty professors, co-teachers, host families and students,
you all shape the experiences of those who proudly don the title of Fulbright. The Fulbright Korea network boasts over 5,000 Korean and American alumni, and the Commission is proud of all of their
accomplishments, the impacts of which can be felt in both countries.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this year’s Infusion and its glimpse into the Fulbright Korea experience.

Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission

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