Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

Another grant year is coming to its conclusion, and once more I am able to present to you all a publication of The Fulbright Korea Infusion. Volume 11.2 will be exceptionally memorable for me when I recall its stories, its art, and its message. As KAEC Executive Director, I have been able to witness the marvelous growth of Infusion since its induction in 2008, which in turn makes me appreciate the even more extraordinary growth of Fulbright Korea throughout this past decade. I am proud to have been part of the journeys that are recorded in each volume of this magazine and I extend my immense gratitude to current, past, and future grantees for living the mission of Fulbright.

As you will soon read, my time as Executive Director is nearing its end, but that does not imply my time with Fulbright Korea will also expire. This organization will forever remain with me during retirement…in mind, heart, and soul. It is exciting to think that the next time I open Infusion, I will be truly a part of its audience for the first time, cheering and clapping alongside the Fulbright Korea community.

These past 40 years have been nothing short of remarkable for me. As Fulbright Korea continues to evolve, so does South Korea and its relationship with the United States. Specifically, this year has marked a very crucial time in ROK-US history, which is evident in the pages that follow. It is my hope that a stronger appreciation of cultural exchange and international cooperation is achieved by every single reader once they close Volume 11.2, because it is what will take our world toward the peaceful future we all wish for.

And so, please enjoy the newest issue of Infusion and also take a moment to acknowledge all of those who created it. From the editorial staff, to the authors, to the artists, they have all worked relentlessly and truthfully to produce an inspirational body of art. You should all be extremely proud.

Thank you,

Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director of Fulbright Korea

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