Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to introduce Volume 8, Issue 2 of The Fulbright Korea Infusion. The Infusion staff has once again, through its hard work and dedication, put together a professional magazine that highlights the talents of its contributors. From the fantastic photographs curated by the photo editors to the layout that thematically links each piece, their many hours of work are clearly present on each page.

For over eight years, Infusion has showcased the experiences of American Fulbright grantees and alumni as they have reflected on their time in Korea. More than simply a magazine, Infusion provides a time capsule for the grant year in which it is published. The pieces – which range from biographical to scholarly, funny to introspective – provide readers with a glimpse into the lives of its writers as they uncover new elements of South Korea in the classroom, in their research, and, most important of all, in the daily people-to-people interactions upon which the Fulbright Program was founded.

As we come to the close of another successful year, I invite you to look to these pages as a testament to both the unique perspectives of our grantees and alumni and the dynamic nature of the Fulbright Program. I believe that it is on account of these strengths that the Fulbright Program will continue to play an important role in Korea for years to come.


Jai Ok Shim
Executive Director
Korean-American Educational Commission