Letter from the Minister-Counselor

Welcome to the spring issue of the 11th volume of Infusion. Spring is a time when so much of nature reawakens after the long, cold winter, a season of new beginnings. And that is exactly what Fulbright Korea is about—awakening people to the world around them and beginning connections between citizens of the United States and Republic of Korea.I hope you will enjoy reading about the talents and creativity of Fulbrighters in this magazine, how they are experiencing new beginnings of their own and inspiring new adventures in others. Perhaps it will inspire you to embark on a something new yourself.

Each of these new beginnings, while important and valuable in and of itself, is another strand in the ever-thickening rope that is the U.S.-ROK Alliance. I truly appreciate the work you do strengthening our people-to-people ties as you explain your culture to others and represent the best of our two countries.

With confidence and optimism,

Aleisha Woodward
Minister Counselor for Public Diplomacy
Embassy of the United States of America
Chair of the KAEC

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