One Place (원플레이스)

Review by Kristen O’Brien, ETA ’14-’16

City: Gumi (구미)

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Take the bus to the stop “송정여중입구 정류장 하차.” The walk from here is about 3 minutes. Walk straight until you reach a 4-way intersection. Turn right at the intersection and continue straight until you reach the main road (you will pass 2 more 4-way intersections). At the main road, make a left. The restaurant will be on your left.

Cost: 8,000 won~20,000 won

One Place is a new restaurant that just opened up in Gumi. The restaurant’s decor, as well as the dishes are all very modern (they use metal plates). The staff is super friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. One Place serves a variety of pasta, pizza, salad, steak, and appetizer dishes. I really like this restaurant, specifically for its fresh tasting ingredients. The bacon is nice and crispy (hard to find in Korea), and the cheese is stringy and tastes very fresh. A highlight of this restaurant is definitely the bar in the back. They have a ton of delicious cocktails and a variety of beers. I cannot rave enough about their sangria. It has a very fruity and crisp flavor, the perfect way to finish off any meal.