Review by Kristen O’Brien, ETA ’14-’16

City: Gumi

Restaurant Name: Raracost

Foods Served: Italian

Restaurant Address: 경상북도 구미시 신시로7길 21

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If you get off/start at the bus stop 대동아파트 you walk straight along the main road (금오대로). It’s along the left side.

Cost: 7,000~16,000 won

Raracost is a chain family restaurant, but it’s particularly popular in Gumi, and in the 경북 region of Korea. The food is “Italian” and serves pizza, pasta, steak, pilaf, salad, and pork cutlets. They also offer a lot of appetizers and side dishes which include garlic croissants and french fries. I love Raracoste because the food is delicious, but it’s also super inexpensive. The most expensive items are the pizza. The restaurant is always rather large with plenty of seating, and the best part is that fountain drinks are free. They have orange soda, coke, and mountain dew. After you finish, you can also enjoy free coffee or tea. My favorite dishes are the blueberry pork steak and steak pizza. The steak is only pork steak, but it tastes really good!