By Pel Doski, a first-year ETA in Docheon, Changnyeong

Zoya Hsiao, “Spring Daze,” Gimhae
Seasons change,Title. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)
and I with them.
Gently folding old skin
and entering the new.

When ginko leaves fell,
so did my heart.
When days became cold
I followed suit.

I imitate nature like
when fish gather
below their thick
icy protection.

When cherries blossom,
I allow my skin to melt
and water my feet
as sunshine feeds my brain.

Suzanne Chen, “Anticipating Love,” Buyeo
When heat dries soil
into a cracked terrain, I
hide in a cicada song. Too
afraid to fall in the cracks.

When you ask me,
How do you do?
Look to the forecast
for your answer.

Or so I say,
because it’s on days like these,
when dark clouds
wash the streets

I wonder why I’m so…