Sea and Clouds

Written by Andrew Cheng, ETA ’12-14

159sand mermaids

We’re not here forever, say the castles to the sky
And our beauty will not last no matter how much you may try
What a purposeless endeavor, digging, building all day long
Watching waves come raging fast, for to the sea the sands belong

I won’t be here forever, to my cherished ones say I
Of rising tides and falling love, two years have passed us by
If only I could sever strings so simple yet so strong
Awaiting dusk and closure of this life might feel less wrong

Surf and sand roar ever, with a meditative sigh
Fruitlessness is seen but by the unaccustomed eye
The goal, in truth, has never been to measure what you’ve done
Be because you’ve been; run for the sake of having run.