Sharky’s Bar and Grill

Review by Breanna Durham, ETA ’15-’16

City: Busan

Restaurant Name: Sharky’s Bar and Grill

Foods Served: Western

Restaurant Address: Busan, Haeundae-gu, Jung-dong, 1123-1 2-19

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Directions:  Take the subway to Haeundae Station. The restaurant is a left on the beach’s boardwalk. It’s near the end of the beach and is one the second floor of the Gecko building. There should be a shark sign to guide you. It also has a large sign with its name. IMG_4097 Cost:  around 15,000 won There were modern black top tables and black and red leather seats. The walls were exposed brick style. There was football playing on a flat screen. Canadian sports apparel hung from the bricks. Board games laid in the back for customers. This included cards against humanity, texas poker, connect four, chess, and a few other things. To order, you had to go upstairs and wait. But I made the mistake of waiting by the kitchen. A perky server was nice enough to take my order anyway and direct me upstairs. I ordered their steakburger. The server brought condiment bottles in a Lite Beer 6-pack paper carrier. The radio continually played pop and rock. But, it wasn’t annoyingly loud. The floor needed sweeping and some tables needed a small wipe off, but it was tidy otherwise. The staff could fluently speak English. They have the regular bar food that you’ll miss, with many different burgers being the most noticeable items. There was also Mexican dishes like quesadillas and pepper poppers. They have a grilled salmon guacamole burger [15.99] and a crispy chicken bacon burger [14.99] for those that don’t want to eat beef. The burger was good. It had real beef. The seasoning is a bit light, but is fine as long as you have toppings and condiments. I got tater tots as a side. They had actual olives on the salad, which came with the burger. It had light balsimic dressing. It took less than 30 minutes to get my food. It was a small taste of home.