Web Features

In addition to our print magazine, Fulbright Infusion’s website strives to maintain a shared online space that gives Korea Fulbrighters opportunities to creatively express their own experiences and feel a part of others’ experiences too. We want to create an online space that reflects and documents the fun, thoughtful, real lives of Fulbrighters.

Here are several ways to take part in Infusion’s online presence:

Draw and submit a comic

Who can forget Amelea (ETA 2014–15, PC 2015–16)’s brilliant How My Life Resembles Pokemon bit, or this New Year’s comic strip by Hope Schaeffer (ETA 2013–16)? Draw a simple comic, and upload it at the bottom of this page or email it to us at infusion.websubmissions@gmail.com to be featured on our website.

Write a City Guide Review

Visit our City Guide Review page to recommend one of your favorite brunch spots, coffee shops, or restaurants.

Send us your essay, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry…

At any time throughout the grant year, you can submit written work to be published as web exclusive content. Email it to us at infusion.websubmissions@gmail.com and we’ll consider featuring it on our website.