City Guide Review: Greenhouse (Changwon)

Greenhouse, the prized cafe and bakery of northern Changwon, is not only my preferred place for whole wheat loaves and baguettes, but it is also the perfect spot for brunch. Located in a quieter neighborhood, with little noise but lots of light, the second-floor cafe of this charming establishment is almost — as its name suggests — a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and grow. And eat. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Greenhouse (Changwon)

City Guide Restaurant Reviews: The Original Pancake House (Seoul)

The Original Pancake House, an American brunch chain with locations across the United States, has now come to Seoul. The interior is reminiscent of its roots, with diner-style tables and black-and-white photographs of Portland, Oregon (the chain’s hometown) on the walls. The restaurant features a diverse roster of pancakes, topped with bananas, chocolate chips, strawberries or Hawaiian syrup. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Reviews: The Original Pancake House (Seoul)