City Guide Review: Greenhouse (Changwon)

Greenhouse, the prized cafe and bakery of northern Changwon, is not only my preferred place for whole wheat loaves and baguettes, but it is also the perfect spot for brunch. Located in a quieter neighborhood, with little noise but lots of light, the second-floor cafe of this charming establishment is almost — as its name suggests — a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and grow. And eat. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Greenhouse (Changwon)

City Guide Review: Nuance Art Caffe (Cheonan)

By Christina Socci, ETA ’13-14
In the middle of Cheonan’s ever-bustling downtown area sits the Nuance Art Caffe, a peaceful corner where the coffee is strong, the music is good, and the art is plentiful. Though cafes in Korea are never hard to find, the Art Caffe stands out as a unique space in a sea of Twosome Places and Pascuccis. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Nuance Art Caffe (Cheonan)

City Guide Review: Yudalsan Chawoorin (Mokpo)

By Jennifer Law, ETA ’13-14
This traditional tea shop is a local favorite and boasts a cozy ondol, artsy tables handcrafted from giant tree trunks, and fantastic views of Mokpo. Stop by after climbing Yudalsan–5,000w buys you a an entire pitcher of tea, served to you with a dainty glass cup and kept warm by a little fire on your table. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Yudalsan Chawoorin (Mokpo)