City Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

By Josephine Reece, ETA ’13-14
Moga Cafe is situated in a quiet corner of downtown Daegu where its converted hanok interior provides an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Everything from the traditional buildings down to the cloth-bound menus combine a degree of beauty and homeyness. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

City Guide Review: Cafe Gilssalong (Cheonan)

Cafe Gilssalong isn’t the kind of cafe that you would want to bring a book to or lesson plan in, but if you want to meet up with some friends or take that special someone on a date, it’s a wonderful place to sit down and relax for a while with some good food and your favorite wine or cocktail. Check out the random graffiti and art scattered around the place while you’re there. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Cafe Gilssalong (Cheonan)

City Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

The aptly named Panini Sikdang (“sikdang” means “restaurant” in Korean) is a cozy little panini place tucked into “Cafe Street” in the Seomyeon area of Busan. The cafe is small with a very retro and relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes mozzarella tomato, pork ham cheese, and beef pastrami paninis, among others. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

City Guide Review: Doogie Board Game Cafe (Busan)

This is a board game cafe, so they don’t specialize in food. It costs 2400KRW for one hour and 2000KRW for each hour after that. A friend and I played Ticket to Ride, Set, and a couple other fun, short games for a little over two hours and it came out to 5000KRW each. (Weekdays have a cheaper fare.) Besides games, they provide free cold drinks (juice, water, etc.), and you can purchase other drinks, beer, tea, or snacks from the snack bar. The atmosphere is friendly and warm; the “waiters” help you set up your games and can explain gameplay for any game. One waitress speaks English well. The games themselves are in excellent condition. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Doogie Board Game Cafe (Busan)

City Guide Restaurant Review: Cafe Tokyoloose (Busan)

Cafe Tokyoloose is located in the busy, central neighborhood of Seomyeon. The cafe’s large, well-lit space features decor reminiscent of a hipster parlor room, with lace doilies as place mats and asymmetrically placed ornamental frames on the walls. Be sure to order dessert — beautifully plated treats such as chocolate cake or lemon tart are well-worth a try.
Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Review: Cafe Tokyoloose (Busan)