City Guide Review: Nuance Art Caffe (Cheonan)

By Christina Socci, ETA ’13-14
In the middle of Cheonan’s ever-bustling downtown area sits the Nuance Art Caffe, a peaceful corner where the coffee is strong, the music is good, and the art is plentiful. Though cafes in Korea are never hard to find, the Art Caffe stands out as a unique space in a sea of Twosome Places and Pascuccis. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Nuance Art Caffe (Cheonan)

City Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

By Josephine Reece, ETA ’13-14
Moga Cafe is situated in a quiet corner of downtown Daegu where its converted hanok interior provides an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Everything from the traditional buildings down to the cloth-bound menus combine a degree of beauty and homeyness. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

City Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

Dolce Freddo is a cute little ice cream shop that sits at a conspicuous corner near Daegu Bank Station. The shop is part of a local franchise of gelato shops with the original located near Gyungbook University. This particular location opened last August. Dolce Freddo is the brainchild of a Korean chef who wanted to bring Italian desserts to Daegu. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

City Guide Restaurant Review: Cafe Tokyoloose (Busan)

Cafe Tokyoloose is located in the busy, central neighborhood of Seomyeon. The cafe’s large, well-lit space features decor reminiscent of a hipster parlor room, with lace doilies as place mats and asymmetrically placed ornamental frames on the walls. Be sure to order dessert — beautifully plated treats such as chocolate cake or lemon tart are well-worth a try.
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