City Guide Review: Geumgok Samgyetang (Daegu)

Nested at the heart of Daegu is a picturesque restaurant draped in ivy — home to some of the best samgyetang (Korean-style chicken soup) in Daegu. The best part is that the soup is MSG-free! Samgyetang is a traditional Korean chicken soup made with sweet rice and flavored with ginger. At Geumgok Samgyetang, the dish is served with some radish kimchi and marinated garlic. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Geumgok Samgyetang (Daegu)

City Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

By Josephine Reece, ETA ’13-14
Moga Cafe is situated in a quiet corner of downtown Daegu where its converted hanok interior provides an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Everything from the traditional buildings down to the cloth-bound menus combine a degree of beauty and homeyness. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Moga Cafe (Daegu)

City Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

Dolce Freddo is a cute little ice cream shop that sits at a conspicuous corner near Daegu Bank Station. The shop is part of a local franchise of gelato shops with the original located near Gyungbook University. This particular location opened last August. Dolce Freddo is the brainchild of a Korean chef who wanted to bring Italian desserts to Daegu. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

City Guide Restaurant Review: The Lazy Diner (Daegu)

If you are craving good American food but don’t want to spend a ton of money, The Lazy Diner in downtown Daegu is a great option. The menu is not huge, but it has a decent variety considering its size. It does include a few dishes that are difficult to find in Korea, namely macaroni and cheese (a side dish, not an entree). They have an all-day brunch menu and a small selection of salads (with American dressings) and pasta dishes for those wanting something other than a burger or sandwich. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Review: The Lazy Diner (Daegu)