City Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

The aptly named Panini Sikdang (“sikdang” means “restaurant” in Korean) is a cozy little panini place tucked into “Cafe Street” in the Seomyeon area of Busan. The cafe is small with a very retro and relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes mozzarella tomato, pork ham cheese, and beef pastrami paninis, among others. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

City Guide Review: Yaetmat Seoul Bulgogi (Seoul)

Bulgogi (불고기) ranks up there with foods like kimchi and bibimbap on the list of Korean foods that are well-known to foreigners. Bulgogi is marinated, thinly-sliced beef that is usually grilled with mushrooms, green onions, and glass noodles. With its rich and savory flavor, bulgogi is a safe bet for those who aren’t a fan of spicy food. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Yaetmat Seoul Bulgogi (Seoul)

City Guide Restaurant Review: Song Jeong Tteokgalbi (송정 떡갈비)

Tteokgalbi is the forgotten sibling of other, more popular forms of Korean BBQ such as galbi (short ribs) or samgyupsal (pork belly). Originating from the city of Gwangju, widely considered to be one of the food havens of Korea, tteokgalbi usually features a combination of beef and pork, shaped into rectangular loaves and grilled over high heat. Think meat loaf, but far more delicious. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Review: Song Jeong Tteokgalbi (송정 떡갈비)

The Brother I Always Wanted

I’ve always wanted a brother. My sister is tougher than 99.9% of men I know, but still I have this idealized image of what it would be like to have a protective older brother. Plus, I thought there would be the added benefit of having his friends around the house. Now I finally have a brother and it’s certainly not what I expected — a Korean fourth grader named Mingue (민교). Mingue’s an interesting fellow so I’m going to devote this post to our relationship. … Continue ReadingThe Brother I Always Wanted


Here is what I knew: my host mother and I would be volunteering, my 12-year-old host brother would be coming along, and that’s about it. Accepting the fact that I’d find out when we got there, I sat in the front seat and tuned out all but the patter of rain as we drove through the countryside, my host mother and brother chatting boisterously between the front and back seats. … Continue ReadingGrasp

City Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

Dolce Freddo is a cute little ice cream shop that sits at a conspicuous corner near Daegu Bank Station. The shop is part of a local franchise of gelato shops with the original located near Gyungbook University. This particular location opened last August. Dolce Freddo is the brainchild of a Korean chef who wanted to bring Italian desserts to Daegu. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Dolce Freddo (Daegu)

City Guide Restaurant Review: Buns-n-Stuff (Daejeon)

This newer burger joint opened up earlier this year. Located in Gung-dong, Daejeon’s university district, Buns-n-Stuff offers a cheaper, but equally delicious, alternative to House Grill. Burgers are simple but customizable. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Review: Buns-n-Stuff (Daejeon)

Cultural Landscapes of Korea

The World Heritage Committee describes a “cultural landscape” as a particular interaction between man and nature that is “illustrative of the evolution of human society and settlement over time.” These photos reveal the variety of cultural landscapes that can be found in Korea, from frenetic cityscapes to the calm remoteness of a Buddhist temple. … Continue ReadingCultural Landscapes of Korea