City Guide Review: Tamarind (Seoul)

I have eaten both lunch and dinner at Tamarind restaurant and found it delicious both times. I don’t believe a reservation is needed, though at lunch the restaurant seems a little more busy. For lunch, I had grilled steak with rice, which was only around 10,000 won. For dinner, a friend and I split Course C which consisted of a green curry soup, a springrolls salad, fried shrimp with lemon sauce, Vietnamese-style chop steak, and beef pho or fried rice as the last course. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Tamarind (Seoul)

City Guide Restaurant Reviews: Vatos Urban Tacos (Seoul)

Vatos Urban Tacos is a rising star on the Korean fusion scene. Founded by a trio of Korean-Americans (one of whom is a former Fulbrighter!) after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Vatos menu offers a creative, mouth-watering medley between Korean and Mexican cuisines. On a usual weekend night, crowds of foreigners and Koreans alike wait on the wooden patio outside the restaurant, clutching pagers and staring wistfully at patrons already munching on the complimentary chips and salsa. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Reviews: Vatos Urban Tacos (Seoul)

City Guide Restaurant Reviews: Tomatillo Grill (Seoul)

Tomatillo Grill offers the closest alternative to Chipotle you’ll find in Korea. Cheaper than the more extravagant Vatos Urban Tacos, Tomatillo is serviceable Mexican food that will satisfy your craving at a reasonable price. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Reviews: Tomatillo Grill (Seoul)