City Guide Review: Cafe Gilssalong (Cheonan)

Cafe Gilssalong isn’t the kind of cafe that you would want to bring a book to or lesson plan in, but if you want to meet up with some friends or take that special someone on a date, it’s a wonderful place to sit down and relax for a while with some good food and your favorite wine or cocktail. Check out the random graffiti and art scattered around the place while you’re there. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Cafe Gilssalong (Cheonan)

City Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

The aptly named Panini Sikdang (“sikdang” means “restaurant” in Korean) is a cozy little panini place tucked into “Cafe Street” in the Seomyeon area of Busan. The cafe is small with a very retro and relaxed atmosphere. The menu includes mozzarella tomato, pork ham cheese, and beef pastrami paninis, among others. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Review: Panini Sikdang (Busan)

City Guide Restaurant Review: Eat Me Pizzeria (Daejeon)

Eat Me Pizzeria is a favorite with local waygooks, offering a large menu of pasta, risotto and pizza at a reasonable price. The restaurant’s interior is warm and inviting, and the seats near the window offer a view of the downtown streets. The restaurant was relatively empty when we went on a weekend night, and they were able to accommodate a large party of ten by pushing together a few tables. The service was attentive.
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City Guide Restaurant Review: The Lazy Diner (Daegu)

If you are craving good American food but don’t want to spend a ton of money, The Lazy Diner in downtown Daegu is a great option. The menu is not huge, but it has a decent variety considering its size. It does include a few dishes that are difficult to find in Korea, namely macaroni and cheese (a side dish, not an entree). They have an all-day brunch menu and a small selection of salads (with American dressings) and pasta dishes for those wanting something other than a burger or sandwich. … Continue ReadingCity Guide Restaurant Review: The Lazy Diner (Daegu)