Three Poems

by Sam Moser, ETA ’14-’16

seoul station

i stepped

               in and



                                                          “Seo-eui Elementary School.”

                                                                                        And she said

                                                                                        “So-wi Elementary?”

                                                          I said “Seo-eui” again and

                                                                                        she said “Seo-wi?”

                                                          I said no you see “Seo—eui.”

                                                                                        She laughed and




                                                          I leaned in







                                                          I smiled and said

                                                          “Seoul Station, please.”

dear coffee

dear coffee

metronome of life

i swear all oaths upon thee

may your caffeinated currents

outlive Styx and may

when i die

Priam place a truffle

on my mouth

and pour a latte

to the dust


august moon full and wise

august moon full and wise

like a vagabond priestess

flicked holy water at them,

purple and smooth,

from her crystal aspergillum

across the young night and down

blessing the lovers who

kissed under umbrellas

and the ugly frogs too