With us, Travel (Jeju)

Review by Rebekah Morton, ETA ’15-’16

City: Jeju City

Restaurant Name: With us, Travel

Foods Served: Brunch

Restaurant Address: 아라일동 6113-16, Jeju City 690121

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The cafe is in “ara dong,” a suburb of Jeju-si. If you take the Inda Maul bus stop, it’s about a five minute walk from there.

Cost: ~10,000 won for brunch + coffee

Here is the cafe’s Facebook page.

The cafe is very cozy, with a fireplace and blankets in the middle of the main room. It also has great specialized coffee drinks, like real chocolate mochas and white mochas, which makes it a really great place to check out in the winter. Food-wise, they have typical brunch food options like pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, and a “full breakfast” with eggs, bacon, and toast. They are known, however, for their waffles, which can come plain or with ice cream, berries and cream, or a variety of other sweet toppings. All the food and drinks I’ve had here have been great, especially given the moderately low prices. Additionally, the cafe and bathrooms are always clean and well-maintained. It’s a bit small, but never seems to be crowded.